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Eleusinian Mysteries

A Pan-Fandom Adult Game

Eleusinian Mysteries: A Pan-Fandom Adult Game
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Eleusinian Mysteries: A Pan-Fandom Adult Roleplaying Game
Eleusinian Mysteries

{"and we will some new pleasures prove"}
A Pan-Fandom Adult GamePremiseImportant Links
Welcome to Eleusis. You have been brought to these islands to serve as worshipers in this sacred festival of Eros. One island is reserved for females, the other for males, while the third island is shrouded in mystery. A bridge of pearl connects the islands to each other, but you may not pass as you please from one to the other.

Each bridge is guarded by the followers of Eros, larger than life giants who cannot be killed. However, they can be bribed...
Sexual encounters on the island are considered offerings to Eros and are rewarded with golden tokens. A sufficient amount of tokens are the only thing that can compel the guard at the bridge to move aside for you, however, it is impossible to know which bridge you are crossing, as the island deities play tricks and make the land shift and travel.

Perhaps you will only be transported to the island of the opposite sex, in which case your stay is temporary until Eros' followers find you and bring you back.

Perhaps you will reach the third island and find your way home, only to be brought back later.

Perhaps you will get to stay. Or perhaps you will just remain lost on that island, sacrificed to Eros. It's worth the risk to try, isn't it?
Eleusinian Mysteries is a pan-fandom roleplaying game that centers around adult issues and encourages male/male and female/female sexual relationships. All characters and their writers are welcome as long as the players are 18 and over, and their characters are 17 and over.

GAME OPENS: July 19th, 2010.

Arsenikos: The Men's Island
Thilykos: The Women's Island
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